Free hair styling studio

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I’ve been really concern about my hair ’cause I have a lot of insecurities about it, from grey hair to dry. I have to be so conscious with my hair to hide these insecurities. I used to have more than 3 haircut a year and choosing hairstyle has been my concern for all these years. Trying my luck in internet, I found DailyMakeover and finally given me the option to wear different hairstyles digitally. Not just that, it also gives you the chance to wear complete set of make up, accessories or actresses’s hair and makeup styles.

In my previous post, I’ve given you the digital fashion website that allows you create looks on different real models and now, let me share you the digital hair styling website, the DailyMakeover.


Stylize in Looklet

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When I was a little kid, I used to play Paper Dolls and Barbie to mix and match clothes.  I grew older but still my passion for mixing and matching clothes is still the same. One day, as I search for random stuffs from Google, I stumbled upon a link which put Paper Dolls into a digital one.  Whether you’re a fashion lover or just even thinking what to wear for the day, Looklet is exactly for you!

Looklet is the world’s first ever digital styling studio. This allows you to mix and match looks on real models from branded clothing lines. You would surely enjoy clicking or dragging stuffs and you would feel that you’re a fashion stylist . Give it a try and enjoy!

Eyes See

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My eyes got blurred way back in 2006 and got worse when I had to stay in front of a computer during our thesis days. I wore my very first eyeglasses in August, 2011. These pair of eyeglasses was my third replacement and it’s getting blurred again. I should replace it then.

I stumbled upon Girl Kuripot’s blog and found an interesting article there which tackles aboutFirmoo eyeglasses. Hooray! What makes it more interesting is the first pair is free once signup and all you have to worry is the shipping fee (of course, limited stocks available daily. Another hooray!  Frames are really cheap and my bet frame designs are all in there. I’m so loving it. But there’s still more, you could also get a chance to have their trial eyeglasses for bloggers be it vlog or blog. One more good thing about Firmoo is their responsibility for others or the Frugal way, what a generous store.

Sophie J Fashionhouse

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Do you know there is an online seller who offers authentic makeups that suits your pocket? I bought makeup from her to check if they really are authentic and yes they are.

If your an auction lover, you may also find her items from Facebook auctions. Also, you may find her items at Sale.

You may check her items here.

Photo Source: Sophie J Fashionhouse

Welcome post

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Hi there, everyone! As part of my blogging comeback, I will make this blog helpful for money-saver. If you are thrifty or can’t spend much on items you want this blog is for you.

Tipidity will help you find stuffs you like to help you in saving more by spending less. Join me as I discover stuffs that are free, cheap or anything that suits your budget.

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